Frequently asked questions:

Before asking theme related questions please check out if what you want to ask is already answered here. For customization, try googling it because you will find a lot of amazing tutorials there and I don't need to answer that. And please, message me off anon. If the questions are asked anonymously and/or are already answered here, I won't answer them.

Can I remove/change the credit?
Obviously, you CAN'T REMOVE the credit. Everybody knows that. I spend a lot of time doing free themes and removing the credit would be rude. Plus, it is really little. If you want to change it, I have to aprove the new place first. If you don't ask me/remove it, I will report you.

Can you change the post size/make a theme double column?
All my themes are built around a certain post size, and changing it would mean to change literally everything, so I won't do it. If the theme has header, I won't make it double colum. If it has a sidebar, I will consider it depending on the time I have.

How do you install a page?
Go here.

The ask/submit doesn't work in my network:
And it won't. The network/family pages are just PAGES, they don't have the permalink blocks. You will need to find an ask page theme and put it in other page from that blog.

For links realated questions:
Go here.

I can't find something in the code! Help?
Go here.

Can I make it infinit scrolling?
Sure you can! Just google it, I have no problem. I won't do it for you tho.

I can't install an updates tab in the theme "Team free will":
Updates tabs have two parts (Or three some of them). For the second part, the HTML, it normally says "Paste it right after <body>". Well, you have to paste it right before </body>.

How do you put your tabs on the right/bottom?
Go here.

How did you get the coloured rectangles in your updates tab?
Go here.

How do you change the font family/size?
To change a font size you need to go to the tag body (Or the part you want to change) and where it says "font-size", change the number. To change the font family, go here.

How do you change the cursor?
Go here.